Elixir Specialty Coffee

Posted by Kazimir Boskovic on 12-10-2015

Elixir Specialty Coffee is a new contender in the cold coffee market. Only thing is, it doesn't actually have many contenders. In March this year, Elixir had it's world first launch at Edition Coffee Roasters, showcasing to the public a completely unique flavour profile. The brewing recipe is something of a mystery that the brand has decided to keep secret, creating a certain mystique while you try and pinpoint or remember just what the hell is going on in your mouth. 


Funnily enough, the story behind the creation of the first Elixir is something of a chance happening. Brand founder, Lee Safar, was working at a cafe bakery and had a mental picture to create a ginger and cardamom cake with vanilla bean butter in the centre, and a coffee poached pear on top. However, the trick lay in finding a way that she could make sure the coffee complimented the nuances of the flavours in the pear, and also the rest of the cake. After creating a coffee liquid in which to poach the pears (and tasting it), she was amazed with what she had created and not one pear was poached! I know right, I was looking forward to the cake as well. Anyway, Elixir was born, and has progressed rapidly since. 

Part of the brand ethos leans towards creating a product that is about the person drinking it and also the product itself. Particularly within the coffee industry, a fair bit of judgement is placed upon the person who makes the drink. In cases like these when we are taken care of by a superstar barista, our experience may be removed from focusing on the actual drink itself. It is for this reason and also because Elixir is a completely new product that the brand has taken a slightly secretive stance and instead made the product the rockstar. 


Elixir is currently available at various specialty coffee stores throughout Sydney and Los Angeles. Using their recipe, they have begun 'elixifying' all sorts of single origin coffees from various roasters, meaning that having an Elixir at two separate cafes will probably mean having two separate drinks. As well as this, Elixir also have an incredible 'rainbow' system, in which coffees are labelled one through to twenty in strength, allowing you to find your perfect brew. Later on this month, the brand intends to begin expanding throughout the US and even Mexico. An exciting launch is planned for Asia some time late next year and is meant to be different to everywhere else, but is of course being kept a secret. For now you'll just have to go to a cafe and drink it. 


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"Looks like whiskey, feels like tea, made from coffee... unlike anything you've ever tasted before."