Allpress x Townske #townskemeet

Posted by Mitchell Donaldson on 16-10-2015

Today marked the beginning of the #townskemeet events, with the first held this morning at Allpress Sydney's roastery and cafe. The staff talked us through the Allpress coffee and culture. Townske is a social travel platform where users can create and read guides on cities, with the aim of creating a more local travel experience. Townske gives users a way of uncovering places in their own city, as well as allowing travellers to move away from the usual tourist spots and discover local gems. Through these #townskemeet events, Townske hopes to bring together it's local Sydney community, as well as showing the world some of these amazing local establishments.


Allpress took us through each step of their processes, from the way the green beans are directly traded to ensure fairtrade at farm level, through to providing a consistent profile of their blends to customers. We were given a behind the scenes run down on their popular Carmelo espresso blend, made up of a Guatemalan washed process, a pulp natural Brazil, a semi washed Sumatran, and a washed Colombian. All of the roasting at Allpress uses a fluidised air roaster, which they believe ensures consistency due to the fact the beans are never subjected to direct heat. Consistency is key for the team at Allpress, after becoming a such a large specialty roaster across 5 countries (New Zealand, Australia, UK, Singapore and Japan). They regularly keep contact with the other Allpress roasteries to make sure the quality is maintained across the board. 


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