Eighthirty Coffee Roasters

Posted by Hamish Mackereth on 19-10-2015

From selling 2 long blacks on its first day of trading, to approximately 5000 cups around NZ a day, it is safe to say Glen's "little" espresso bar has come a long way over the past 5 years. 



Earlier this week, I was fortunate to find myself at the place where it all began - 553 Karangahape Rd.

Notorious for it's unique culture, boutique shops, cafes and exceptional nightlife, Eighthirty's staff, decor and vibe is no excpetion to this K-Road perception. 



From first walking in the door, I was greeted by a young man behind the La Marzocco machine, who was more than willing to pull me a fresh espresso of their blend. While this was going on, I was able to head to the back of the store where I found Katsu busy roasting away at the Toper - fulling the store with a dazzling scent.



With such a simple layout, every customer is able to see the bean from bag to cup and everything in between, and really gauge an appreciation for the special moment it creates at every sip.



With the aim to "Build the best coffee company we can and use our business to build up our people and wider community while causing no unnecessary harm to the planet", we think Eighthirty are well underaway in further establishing themselves as something special in the coffee industry.



If you haven't already - pop into one of their bars and make up your own mind.


Eighthirty Roaster

553 Karangahape Rd