Moccamaster Cup-One

Posted by Kazimir Boskovic on 08-11-2015

For the vast majority of coffee lovers, waking up and enjoying their morning brew is just about essential. Moccamaster has created their "Cup-One" automated brewing machine with these people in mind.


To make life easier for the home connoiseur, the machine is ingrained with a preset function which pours out intervalled amounts of water in order to create an optimum brew. All you have to do is grind your coffee beans, fill the Moccamaster with water and let it do the rest. Depending on your grind size and dosage, a brew can take anywhere between 2:30 to 5 minutes. Coupled with very simple use is the machine's sleek looks. Our model is matte black, and cream, orange, royal blue and fresh green colours are also available, suiting any type of kitchen or brew bar. 

Does it have any shortfalls? While making a perfectly consistent cup of coffee, purists will lament not being able to pour and weigh the brew themselves. Creating a pourover can be a very sensual and exciting experience and the machine definitely decreases the overall purity of your coffees. That being said, on those mornings where you might be in a bit of a rush setting up a manual pourover can be slightly tedious. Flicking the switch on the Moccamaster and grabbing the cup as you head out the door still leaves you ready to take on the day. 


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