Rootstock Sydney 2015

Posted by Mitchell Donaldson on 10-11-2015

How about a weekend where you get to enjoy some amazing coffee, indulge in some delicious food and to top it off drink some of the worlds greatest natural wines? Welcome to Rootstock.


Rootstock Sydney is a not-for-profit food and wine festival showcasing an impressive selection of wines produced by artisans around the world who have a common focus on sustainability. With the addition of a 'Coffee Pavillion' to this years event, it's also an opportunity to experience the craft of eleven of Australia's top roasters. Roasters include those from not just Sydney but also Victoria, South Australia and Queensland.


Paul Geshos from Mecca Coffee, in charge of co-ordinating and directing this years Coffee Pavillion, is excited about the opportunity of bringing people together over coffee. "There's not a lot of opportunity to learn and collaborate. This happens when there are these events, when we come together. Sharing ideas, roasting concepts, brewing, even struggles within our businesses" he says.


"I wanted to see an event in Sydney that was industry focused and not on the back of a trade event." For Geshos, it's an opportunity to get tens of thousands of people through the gates and expose them to specialty coffee, as well as collaborating with people that share the same philosophical approaches. 


The Coffee Pavillion will cater to all brewing methods including milk based drinks, espresso, filter coffee, and cold brews. Roasters will be on rotation throughout the weekend, so attendees can experience a comprehensive range of Australia's top notch coffee.


For tickets and more info see the link below.


Rootstock Sydney

28-29th November, Carriageworks


Photos courtesy of Rootstock.


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