The Huhtamaki Cup Design 2016

Posted by Mitchell Donaldson on 23-11-2015

Got an idea for a coffee cup? Now's your chance. Thanks to Huhtamaki, designers have the chance to produce the official 2016 Melbourne International Coffee Expo (MICE) cup. The winning designer takes home a $500 cash prize, as well as having the cup distributed to exhibitors throughout the event. The runner up takes home a Grinders Single Origin Brew Kit which consists of two double wall espresso glasses, a Bodum pour over cafetiere, a Porlex hand grinder, and 500g of Grinders Ethiopian Yirgacheffe.


To see the full design criteria as well as more about the judging panel and submitting your design, download the Design Package.


Applications must be submitted by 5.00pm 27 November 2015.

Images supplied 


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