Routeburn Track - New Zealand

Posted by Kazimir Boskovic on 09-12-2015
The Routeburn Track is a 35km, three day hike through the Southern Alps of New Zealand. One of the more scenic places in the world, outlooks over mountains will give any Lord of the Rings fans a grin, while impressive waterfalls are around every corner. Three days without coffee is three too many, so of course we packed the brew gear. The beans that accompanied us were an Ethiopian Nano Chala as roasted by Sample Coffee. Safe to say the boys at St Peters nailed the roast on this washed process bag of goodness. Extracted through our Melitta plastic dripper, the resultant brew was clean, light bodied and presented flavour notes of sweet tropical fruits accompanied by some lingering cola in the finish. While you stare at the pictures and wish you were in New Zealand instead of vacantly browsing through a website dedicated to black coffee, take into account your travelling brew setup. Grinder, scales, and thermos are all essential gear, however kettles can be bulky on a multi day hike. Jet burners are a great substitute if they’re able to pour with consistent flow, and not ludicrously expensive. Plus they’ll prepare your gross freeze dried meal when you set up camp at night. If you can’t decide between an Aeropress or pourover cup, why not take both? Just don’t forget a sleeping bag.
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