Draft Coffee Roasters

Posted by Kazimir Boskovic on 13-12-2015

Draft Coffee Roasters opened their doors to Botany Road about six weeks ago. Since then, they’ve been serving delicious coffee that is either roasted in house or sourced from other specialty roasters around Australia. Owner David Wu mastered his trade by simply toying with a home roaster. Coupled with plenty of barista experience, he finally felt the time had come to roast and serve his own coffee under one roof. 


Fit out in the cafe is minimalist, with some purposely chipped rendering exposing some brick and wooden detailing throughout. There’s a few tables and chairs, but coffee is best enjoyed standing up next to the floating counter and chatting to the barista.

The drinks we had were a Rwandan, a Colombian by Sample Coffee and Draft’s blend (all espressos). The Rwandan had a bit more of a wow factor than the others, upon first sip it tasted a lot like a natural process coffee although it turned out to be a washed. It also had a really long dark chocolate finish, not dissimilar to your favourite slab of Cadbury Old Gold. Legendary.
404 Botany Rd Beaconsfield, Sydney