Cavalier Specialty Coffee

Posted by Kazimir Boskovic on 18-01-2016

After opening in late October last year, Cavalier Specialty Coffee has been serving seriously delicious brews in Crows Nest. As we rarely travel 'Over The Bridge' in Sydney, a day finally came where the sun was shining and time was there to be killed, and in what better fashion than a coffee break. 

With a fairly small frontage and minimal signage, Cavalier isn't super easy to pick out if you're not sure what you're looking for. Once found, however, you'll enter what is a cheerful and cosy cafe. Designed by Porter & Maple, wooden panelling with copper lines criss crossing throughout is the main choice of interior decoration, which complements copper pipes running along the ceiling and down the walls. On the benchtop up the front of the cafe sits the three group Synesso espresso mahine, flanked by two grinders: one Mazzer for their blend and an Mahlkoenig EK43 for all singles and filters. 

Whilst we were in, the coffee menu above the machine consisted of roasts from Byron Bay outfit Marvell Street (Cavalier rotate the coffees they use from various specialty roasters). First up was a Colombian La Virgen espresso, presenting only a minor amount of the earthy qualities associated with Colombian coffees, while maintaining a very nice acidic balance. Next was an Ethiopian Nano Chala pourover, a delicious coffee that we've also tried roasted by Sample. A Rwandan batch brew rounded out the black options on the coffee menu.

Having been in operation for 10 weeks, Cavalier has a functional setup and is sure to become a hit with the locals. Or maybe even people south of the bridge...

Cavalier Specialty Coffee
34 Oxley St, Crows Nest