Patricia Coffee Brewers

Posted by Kazimir Boskovic on 27-01-2016

On the corner of Little Bourke St & Little William St is a little cafe called Patricia. Upon stepping through the door, your eyes are immediately drawn to the tiled floor signage "Standing Room Only", whose relevance becomes apparent a split second later in the cosy cafe. The large coffee bar takes up the majority of room, leaving just enough for a few patrons to enjoy their brews on window sills cleverly convereted into small tables. While space is minimal, functionality and efficiency are seriously insane. The lineup for takeaway customers when we visited extended well around the outside of the cafe, yet our order of espressos, pourovers and batch brews came out within five minutes. From our experiences at cafes, this can only be put down to an incredible work ethic and pride in their brand, as each employee executed their jobs to a tee and still had time to chat and make customers feel welcome. 


And yet, after fantastic customer service and bringing the coffees out with lightning speed, they were up there with the best in Melbourne. Sourcing beans from a variety of specialty roasters in Melbourne, we enjoyed the following: Seven Seeds Ethiopian Haro Sana pourover, Seven Seeds seasonal espresso blend, Small Batch Colombian from the Fetco automated brewer, and espressos on Small Batch's Candyman blend. Picking a standout wouldn't do justice to the great qualities of all coffees, each one was a winner. 


Patricia Coffee Brewers

Cnr Little Bourke & Little William St.
Melbourne, VIC

Mon-Fri 7am-4pm