Panama Perci

Posted by Kazimir Boskovic on 25-03-2016

Gracing the coffee cupboard recently has been a bag of Panama Perci Gesha, sourced from Ninety Plus Gesha Estates and roasted by Veneziano in Melbourne. 

We've had plenty of Ninety Plus coffees in the past at various Reformatory cupping events as well as at their cafe, though having a bag to play around with at home is a serious treat. The first note I made about the coffee was it's immense bean size. Long and thin, one could estimate that they're a fair bit larger than even Kenyan AA beans. The second thing that stuck out was of course the aroma. As soon as you start grinding, intensely sweet scents waft up from grinder to nostrils, getting you pretty psyched to brew the coffee asap. So far, the Perci has been producing mostly peachy notes, with a complex acidity and a very clean mouthfeel. For more info on the taste profile and their full coffee range, head to