Pablo & Rusty's

Posted by Kazimir Boskovic on 26-04-2016

Pablo & Rusty's are what many would say a very wholesome company. From the drive and passion of founder Saxon Wright through to the casual staff in the cafes, the business executes itself in a way to ensure the best coffee experience for every customer. Going to any of their four current Sydney locations will demonstrate this, as each component of every cafe has obviously been given a lot of time and thought. Their roastery is no different, and it was a very relaxed environment as we sat around drinking coffees with the team. Philip Pollen (who you might remember as this year's NSW Aeropress champion) along with Sebastian and Paul are the "coffee specialists" of P&R, and also guilty of delivering us into caffeine comas.


To begin we cupped one of Phil's experimental roasts, a washed Ethiopian. Although P&R aren't by any means short staffed on the roasters, Phil's dabbling around in it not to only broaden his own knowledge but to better communicate and understand with the roasters what characteristics baristas are trying to acheive in their cup. Once again, a strong example of individuals bringing their best to the company. From there we tried espressos of all three house blends offered by P&R. The Trailblazer, Pioneer and Porter Street all bring unique characteristics to an espresso and no doubt for milk based coffees as well. After that, a few samples of a kegged Kenyan Garicha cold brew through the nitrogen pump rounded out what was a great coffee day. 


To visit any of their locations or to find out more, head over to their website

Sebastian. He may be crazy.