Vivid Night Markets, Carriageworks

Posted by Kazimir Boskovic on 18-06-2016

The last night of the Vivid Festival saw the party brought to Carriageworks. For the second night of the Vivid Night Markets, thousands of Sydneysiders descended on what was an incredible exposure of local producers across a variety of industries. Big names included Rockpool and Young Henry's, while more to our interests were Mr Black (coffee liqueur) and Single Origin Roasters.


Having previously tried Mr Black's Kenyan collaboration with Campos Coffee Roasters, we were eager to discover what Mr Black was offering. Straight liqueur taste testers were followed up with Espresso Martinis, with the espresso shots being pulled by Crows Nest's Bean Drinking. Due to be released next month will be a very special second colloboration with Campos. Using the Best of Panama Ironman Gesha, Mr Black will be producing an extremely exclusive (limited to 100 bottles) liqueur, keep an eye out over on their website.


Next up was the Single Origin Roasters stall, where in collaboration with PS40 Bar, Cascara Cherry Colas and Hot Buttered Rums were being served. Special mention must go to these Hot Buttered Rums. Produced by melting butter with the Single O espresso blend, then adding in the rum provided by PS40, these cocktails were super rich in flavour and delicious!


For more of these amazing local produce events, have a look at Carriageworks website, or head down to their Saturday morning markets 8am - 2pm.