NSW Aeropress Championships

Posted by Kazimir Boskovic on 28-01-2015

Held at Paramount Coffee in Surry Hills, the 2015 NSW Aeropress champs was a great spectacle. The sheer size of the crowd meant that even in the fairly large interior of the cafe there was still a fair spillover onto the street. Run in an elimination format, the 27 competitors had three way battles where the winner of each would progress to the next round.

The boys from Pablo & Rusty’s had obviously done their aeropress homework, with two of them reaching the final along with Francisco from Sensory Lab, who knocked out a couple of previous winners on his way. The eventual winner was Ben of Pablo & Rusty’s, using a traditional aeropress method and strangely watering down his brew after it had come out of the aeropress, but it definitely worked for him. Congratulations to all competitors and thanks to Paramount for hosting an entertaining night.