Aunty Pegs by Proud Mary

Posted by Kazimir Boskovic on 28-01-2015

Proud Mary have taken things to another level with their new exhibition store Aunty Peg’s, serving the best coffee they can produce in a fashion that is borderline surreal. Located in a warehouse in a semi-industrial area, Proud Mary have also moved all their roast works into the building, along with facilities such as a temperature and humidity controlled room for healthy storage of green coffee beans and an upstairs area dedicated to training in both espresso and filter coffee.

The main coffee bar that customers sit on is adorned with an absurd amount of specialty equipment. Four Mahlkonig grinders appear to be straight out of Darth Vader’s kitchen, while there seems to be about 30 kettles lying around. Rather than a traditional espresso machine, three single group Synesso Hydra’s are inbuilt to the bar, allowing three different baristas to serve coffee at various sections. Each barista also has their own v60 stand next to the espresso machine, and a couple of nitrogen pumped taps have cold brew coffee ready to go.

The coffee menu when we visited was amazing, with a Costa Rican Cup Of Excellence, a Honduras Javier Fernandez and a Panama honey geisha all available in espresso and pourover, with the honey geisha also in cold brew on tap. We sampled almost everything, all of which was to a very high standard. If you’re in Melbourne for any amount of time make this a place to visit for a very high quality coffee, with no expense spared in creating it.