John Smith Sunday Session

Posted by Kazimir Boskovic on 07-12-2014

An afternoon trip to John Smith cafe in Waterloo turned into an espresso extravaganza. We’re still not sure quite how, but neither are we complaining. Barista Danny and head roaster Josh went on an extraction spree for us, first providing us two natural process Ethiopian Hunkute’s at different extraction rates. Next up was a washed Sidamo Ethiopian (which is actually normally a part of their blend used for milk-based coffees), with plenty of berry notes present in the cup.

After that was a washed process Guji, and at this stage we started to slowly lose track. We shared a Kenyan aeropress, which was kindly provided to the cafe by one of the regular customers. A few of the more slowly extracted espressos had a particular boldness of flavour upfront, and this led to a 55 second double ristretto being made upon request. Of course almost all flavour dissipates in an extraction of this type, and it wasn’t particularly to our liking, but was nonetheless interesting to try. 

If you’re feeling under-caffeinated, get talking to the knowledgable guys behind the machine at John Smith and they’ll be more than happy to unleash a maelstrom of coffees from their sweet Synesso.