Tap Espresso

Posted by Kazimir Boskovic on 06-10-2014

Martin Place in Sydney’s CBD is ever-busy, and this new specialty coffee store is set to provide for those of the masses seeking out a fine quality coffee. Tap Cafe is located on the ground floor of the 7 news building, between Phillip and Elizabeth St. Although tucked away out of view from the street, it occupies a fairly large and well lit indoor space. A clever layout also means that takeaway customers never invade space of those sitting down to enjoy a great cuppa or some food. 

Tap sources their beans from various specialty roasters, always sampling each individual batch without bias in order to serve customers with what they believe to be top quality coffee. This system of relying on personal taste rather than a contract with one particular roaster means that customers can expect an array of different coffees over the space of a few weeks, all of which indubitably taste great. When we were in, we were lucky enough to be treated to a natural-processed Ethiopian Kochere pourover, coffee roasted by Uncle Joe’s from Brisbane. Barista Toufik takes extreme care with each individual filter coffee, carefully checking dosage and running through the pouring process with total concentration. This coffee was no different, with all the fruitiness true to a natural processed Ethiopian present in the cup.

Tap also takes one extra measure to ensure a true specialty coffee experience when trying a pourover. Once flavour notes of a particular coffee are ascertained, a tea with the same or similar taste is matched with that coffee and extracted via cold drip. This cold tea is then served with the coffee to be drunk first, in order to build flavour intensity on the palate of the respective drinker. This is a very interesting flavour experience which we enjoyed, and will be particularly interesting to see the development of this method. 

If you’re in the city and after a coffee, skip the takeaway and take yourself through a sensory experience by sitting down for a pourover at Tap.