John Smith Cupping

Posted by Kazimir Boskovic on 16-10-2014

Yesterday marked the inaugural cupping held at John Smith Cafe in Waterloo. This was a blind cupping, so cups were merely marked A-K, with tasters encouraged to write down and discuss flavours that they associated with each coffee.

There was a fair assortment of coffees on the table from a variety of roasters:

  • Blackboard Roasters (Gold Coast) Kenyan Yara washed process
  • Proud Mary (Melbourne) Ethiopian Yirgacheffe washed process
  • Coffee Supreme (Melbourne) Kenyan Kangunu
  • Small Batch (Melbourne) Ethiopian Chele’lektu and Hunkute
  • The Single Guys (Brisbane) House Blend
  • Rebel Roasters (Sydney) Ethiopian Hunkute and Panama Auromar

And maybe a couple of other coffees we missed writing down.

Word is that cuppings here are to become a weekly event on Thursdays at 4pm, but check out John Smith’s Facebook or Instagram (@johnsmithcafe) for more on that. If so, the Sydney coffee connoisseur will have more than enough coffees to sample, with cafes such as Paramount and Fleetwood Macchiato also hosting events weekly or fortnightly.