Matchstick Coffee Roasters

Posted by Kazimir Boskovic on 11-07-2014

A silly amount of construction detours in traffic meant that our coffee-specific trip from North Van to Matchstick was greatly delayed, with a normally 20 minute drive taking about double the time. Luckily the day was glorious, and coffee even more so.


Matchstick Coffee Roasters is located on both East Georgia St in Vancouver’s Chinatown and just off Fraser St in East Vancouver on E15th St. Due to parking concerns the latter option was taken. The cafe itself is very modern and spacious, with a few small tables and one very large communal table to encourage discussion between different parties. A list of 5 coffees was on option for a chemex brew, and upon the waiter’s recommendation we chose the Colombian El Caimo. During brewing, the barista Josh was happy to discuss all things coffee and gave us a great insight into the Vancouver scene from an outsider’s perspective; he used to be a barista at various specialty coffee cafes throughout Brisbane in Australia. 

The coffee itself was delicious, the chemex delivered a smooth consistency that was fruity up front and had a lingering sweetness. Flavour notes of cherry, bourbon and white plum. All their coffees are roasted fresh and on site as well, and just around the back of the cafe were stacks of green bean sacks (see photo) next to a relatively small Giesen roaster. 

If you are around Vancouver, this is definitely a highlight in terms of coffee quality and experience. We will be attending a cupping here in a few days as well, so stay tuned for more on that!