Revolver Coffee

Posted by Kazimir Boskovic on 09-07-2014

The aesthetic downtown area of Gastown gives the trendy and hipster people of Vancouver a great place to hang out, on both fine summer days and in the usual drizzle. Located just off the main drag is one of the city’s finest cafes: Revolver Coffee.


The narrow cafe does not provide a terrible amount of seating, and with takeaway customers also lining up inside, this popular venue tends to crowd right up. But this is all for good reason, as Revolver is the only real specialty coffee house in within Vancouver CBD.

A row of constantly running glass-handled chemex’s on the main serving bench and a plethora of filter coffee gear below it give customers a near overwhelming experience. Luckily, Revolver has provided a couple of menu options such as running a few different coffees through one piece of equipment for comparison, or one coffee run through three different pieces of gear. We went for the latter, named the “Brew Flight”. A Kenyan Miiri coffee roasted by Heart Coffee Roasters was the recommended bean, and the three different methods of brewing were french press, aeropress and smart filter (from left to right, see photo). 

Having these different styles of coffees side by side made it interesting to see which method gave for a better outcome. The french press had a large body but not a heap of flavour, while the smart filter had a crisper taste but a smoother mouthfeel. The aeropress struck a nice balance between the two, however we felt the french press had been prepared the best.

Revolver brings in a large amount of beans from a variety of specialty roasters from both Canada and the USA, and is definitely a place to check out if in the area.