Ninety Plus Cupping Event

Posted by Kazimir Boskovic on 30-11-2014

Last Tuesday night we were given the privilege of attending a cupping of a few phenomenal coffees by the company Ninety Plus. Ninety Plus partners with green bean farmers all around the world, experimenting with different processing methods, blends and varietals in order to create consistently incredible coffees. 

Australian distributor of Ninety Plus coffee Craig Simon was there to host the event at Reformatory Caffeine Lab in Surry Hills, in conjunction with Reformatory owner Simon Jaramillo. Craig’s credentials include being Australian Barista Champion, 4th place at the World Barista Championships, and owner of Think Tank Coffee; Australian distributors of not only Ninety Plus products but also Slayer Espresso and Steampunk coffee machines.

This particular cupping was the Sydney leg of Think Tank’s Australia-wide tour showcasing this year’s Ninety Plus crop. Around 40 people were present to experience these incredible coffees:

  • Ethiopian Kemgin, washed process
  • Ethiopian Hachira, natural process
  • Ethiopian Tchembre, natural process
  • Ethiopian Nekisse, natural process
  • Ethiopian Nekisse Red, natural process
  • Panama Perci, natural process
  • Panama Juliette, honey process
  • Panama Neel, natural process

On top of the cupping, pourovers of each coffee were made available for tasting afterwards. A huge thank you to Think Tank Coffee and Craig Simon for making these coffees available for tasting, and to Simon and the team at Reformatory Caffeine Lab for putting on an awesome show. Reformatory has these beans available for consumption over the next couple of weeks, so get on down and take on the Ninety Plus experience for yourself.