Espresso Workshop Britomart

Posted by Hamish Mackereth on 14-03-2015

The principle of unlocking the flavour potential of speciality coffee is the driving factor behind an exceptional company I was able to visit the other day. In the heart of Britomart, Auckland, the city espresso bar proudly owned and operated by Espresso Workshop was in full swing; the staff rushed off their feet, serving, cooking, delivering and making outstanding coffee to my delight!


Espresso Workshop was founded 8 years ago in 2007 with the intention of demonstrating that coffee is not just a product but also an experience. This along with a fanatical mindset has etched the constant need and desire for a better cup in the heads and hearts of the owners and staff of this company.

The journey began with a shop in Parnell (started by David Huang and Andrew Smart) where small batches of coffee were roasted using the best beans Espresso Workshop could source. Since this time it has grown from a roastery to an espresso bar, extensive retail and educational space, where the love of coffee can be enjoyed and experienced.


Upon my arrival at the Britomart espresso bar, I was warmly welcomed before my quick service and coffee was underway. I ordered the highly recommended chemex from the young gentleman behind the counter – Kenya Githongo Peaberry. I will tell you one thing for free – I wasn’t disappointed. The Komothai Farmers Cooperative Society produces this bean though a wet process giving it a medium but silky body, juicy blackberry, blackcurrant, liquorice and red grape flavours with subtle spice tones. Best $8 I had spent that week!

Hopefully in the near future I will have the time to visit their Parnell roastery and explore other exceptional and tasteful areas in their forever growing a developing coffee range. 


If you’re a coffee enthusiast or someone wanting to give new places or things a try, I certainly would not overlook Espresso Workshop on 11 Britomart Place. From a warming setting to an awesome selection of coffee, food and retail equipment it is no wonder why this store and company is making a mark in the coffee industry.