Australian Aeropress Championships

Posted by Kazimir Boskovic on 29-03-2015

Saturday night saw the Australian Aeropress Championships take place, held at Mecca Coffee's soon to be opened roastery cafe in Alexandria. The format of the competition was a similar version of that used at the NSW Champs, with competitors split into groups of three and the best progressing at the discretion of a blind taste test from the judges. However, the champions of the NSW, VIC and QLD competitions had a separate intense face off, with the winner straight to the grand final and losers progressing to semi-finals regardless. 

As it happened, this year's NSW champion (Ben Richardson of Pablo & Rusty's) recovered from a loss to the Victorian champion Mac Dixon (Auction Rooms) to win his semi final and ultimately the final against Dixon and Joseph Liu (2013 Victorian Champion). This means Ben will be off to Seattle in few weeks for the World Aeropress Championships representing Australia, a huge acheivement! Another factor that made this competition interesting was that all competitors used the same bean roasted by Mecca, the host. This brought about some tactics such as picking out individual beans that might be over or under roasted, and also some competitors sifting their grind and blowing out any husk that might be present. 

Cheers to Mecca for doing a great job hosting, with plenty of groovy tunes coming from the DJ using vinyl records, plus delicious looking food coming out of the kitchen and a really hoppy beer we can't recall the name of. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for the official opening of the cafe, rumoured to be in about a month.