Coffee Supreme: Good One

Posted by Hamish Mackereth on 02-04-2015

If one was to scurry down a back road in Ponsonby, Auckland, chances are they will be greeted, sat down, offered a cup of coffee and demonstrated true hospitality by the lovely staff of the Good One store.


Since 2008 this Coffee Supreme flagship store has been influencing people through exploring the idea of coffee and realising that it is so much more than just a hot cup to wake you up in the morning.


Upon my arrival the store was full of a variety of customers yet I was warmly welcomed (by Brooke and Sam) and it wasn’t long until I had my daily fix.


I was invited into their tasting room at the back of the store where Sam brewed my pour over and talked all things coffee. I had ordered the classic Ethiopian Yirgacheffe, a bean offering tasting notes of apricot, jasmine and blood orange. Whilst this was all happening, another staff member was busy behind the customised Slayer Espresso machine, making delightful drops for those others in need of morning kick.


Not only is this store situated in old manufacturing site off the beaten track, but it is also matched with funky designs and a hospitable atmosphere, creating the perfect place to start your morning, have a lunchtime break or an afternoon excitement.


Another awesome offering this store has is its Thursday Tastings from 8:30am – 9:30am where seasoned coffee drinkers, enthusiasts, novices or anyone at all can experience a wide and exciting range of coffees that Coffee Supreme has to offer.


It won’t be long until I make my second visit to this exceptional Ponsonby treasure.


42 Douglas St, Ponsonby, Auckland

09 376 2784