Kurasu Gear

Posted by Kazimir Boskovic on 22-05-2015

We've been following the brand Kurasu on instagram and tumblr for quite a while now, captivated by their awesome range of high quality Japanese coffee equipment. When they contacted us asking for us to showcase a couple of products, we were more than eager to get our hands on what we believe is some of the best coffee gear in the world.  

The Japanese have always been at the forefront of creating coffee brewing equipment. With the recent explosion of specialty coffee around the world, brands such as Hario and Kalita have become synonymous with a great filter coffee. While these brands do deliver awesome products, there are many other smaller brands from Japan creating just as interesting devices, albeit not on an international scale. Often buying one of these products results in a huge price mark-up, due to costs when shipping internationally in smallish quantities. 

Kurasu intends to create a solution to this issue by shipping direct from Japan, to you, reducing the need for a middle man. This brings about a huge range of quality specialty coffee gear that you perhaps haven't seen before, all at a very affordable price. As said by brand founder Yozo Otsuki: "Coffee is a passion for me and the Japanese people. With the third wave coffee movement taking the world by storm, look closely and you'll see it all rooted from the Japanese coffee scene. The craft, care, and mentality the Japanese put into coffee parallel no other. Through Kurasu, we tell the untold story of coffee and Japan. We bring the Japanese coffee experience to you."

We took delivery of our Torch Mountain Dripper and Takahiro 0.5L Kettle in less than a week of sending our order. The Torch is a very interesting pourover device, being able to brew using both Kalita and Hario papers. We tried out both, and got good results that differed from the Kalita Wave and Hario V60 devices. It is also a rather slow brewer, taking around 3 minutes for 220g of water to pass through 12-13g of coffee (using a similar grind setting to our V60). Taking this into consideration, we dialed down the temperature of the water a tad, and using a nice controlled pour from the aesthetic Takahiro Kettle extracted greatness from our current coffee, a Nicaraguan Cup Of Excellence. 

Ordering from the Kurasu website is easy. Deciding what to order may stress you out a bit more, the selection is brilliant. 
Website: http://www.kurasu.me
Instagram: @kurasu_
Tumblr: kurasujournal