The Lab

Posted by Kazimir Boskovic on 08-06-2015

Reformatory Caffeine Lab who you've come to know for their incredible coffee lineups in Surry Hills have their roastery located in the backstreets of Botany. The long weekend was a perfect excuse to have an extensive cupping of some of the best beans owner and roaster Simon has in his warehouse. It was also an excuse to check out his new "lab" at the roastery. 

Inside this lab is a coffee lover's heaven. A Probat sample roaster takes controlled care of 100g batches of beans; a couple of grinders, an espresso machine, a fridge, cupping equipment, and various other filter coffee paraphernalia litter the rest of the room. Only thing is, the room is a shipping container. 

Decking out a shipping container as an extreme coffee tasting lab might seem absurd, but while it has serious novelty value there's a bit on the practical side. The whole thing is insulated and an aircon unit keeps temperature consistent, meaning green beans can be stored at an optimum heat. The container can also be loaded onto a truck and transported for exhibition, giving Reformatory a familiar setup no matter where they hit the road. Also beats having to pack and unpack a conventional stall at events. 

The coffees we cupped were some serious high level beans. All are set to be available at Reformatory over the coming months on rotation, head in store to get your fix:
1. Brazil Fazenda Imperio Natural
2. Ethiopia Aricha Natural
3. Nicaragua Red Typica Washed
4. Guatemala Orange Honey
5. Brazil Fazenda Certao Natural
6. Costa Rica Perla Negra Natural
7. Kenya Gatomboya Washed
8. Ethiopia Sidamo Hunkute Natural
9. Ethiopia Nekisse Natural
10. Panama Gesha Batista Honey
11. Panama Gesha Batista Natural
12. Panama Gesha Neel
13. Panama Gesha Lychello
14. Panama Gesha Perci
15. Panama Gesha Mamacata Washed
16. Panama Gesha Mamacata Natural
17. Panama Gesha Hartmann
18. Panama Gesha Lotus
19. Panama Gesha Don Pepe Natural
20. Ethiopia Semeon Abay
21. Colombia El Santuario Wash
22. Ethiopia Nekisse Ruby


Shop 7B, 17-51 Foveaux St Surry Hills