Townske Launch Party

Posted by Kazimir Boskovic on 11-06-2015

Last night we attended the launch party of Townske in Marrickville, at the Two Chaps cafe. Townske is a social platform where bloggers can create 'guides' for cities, including information on whatever they choose. Food, drinks, events and sightseeing are general topics of choice, in a bid to create a more personal experience of a city rather than a standard tourist one. For example, if you were travelling to Vancouver and were a keen black coffee drinker, you could check out our informed guide at, and also many other Vancouver guides giving you the chance to plan a trip around personal favourites of locals. This can greatly differentiate what activities you undertake compared to if you were to follow a guide such as Lonely Planet.

Not only is Townske a great idea, but the people behind it are outright legends. We'd like to express our thanks for the awesome night and we're glad to be on board early. Feel free to register and create many guides of your own!