Guatamala COE Cupping At Toby's

Posted by Kazimir Boskovic on 02-07-2015

Toby's Estate Sydney headquarters in Chippendale recently held a cupping of the 2015 crop of Guatamala's Cup Of Excellence. We went along to sample these brilliant coffees, and to also take a peek into Toby's amazing roasting setup behind the cafe area.

The coffees were all delicious as expected, with those higher up the rankings producing cleaner, more balanced flavours that developed and lingered as the liquid cooled. A personal favourite was #4, the Miralvalle, which with a score of 88.65 was clean enough on the palate, and also had some very interesting bright citrus notes. 

In terms of the roastery itself, Toby's has an ongoing relationship with the Brambati family who have created a massive custom roaster for the Chippendale warehouse. A controllable flame of around 30cm to 3 metres in length heats the rotating chamber where 140kg of coffee is roasted at a time, giving the roaster unprecedented control. Clever insulation and heat exchange means the machine is also extremely efficient and environmentally friendly, extremely beneficial for a company the size of Toby's. 

Toby's Estate Cafe & Roastery
32-36 City Road, Chippendale NSW 2008