Artificer Specialty Coffee

Posted by Kazimir Boskovic on 10-07-2015

On the corner of Bourke St and Phelps St, not far from the famous Bourke Street Bakery, is a cafe that opened up on Boxing Day last year. Whilst a bit of a tongue twister to pronounce, Artificer is a place where coffee is easily appreciated. Run by Dan Yee and Shoji Sasa (with coffee backgrounds in Salvage, Single Origin and Mecca), food and other typical cafe practices take a back seat and the coffee is the centrepiece. All roasting is their own, and when we went in we enjoyed a light Colombian espresso and two filters; one other Colombian and a Bolivian.

The cafe itself is very minimalist. Sheets of light-coloured wood have been employed as render, while in other spots the plain white walls remain. Decorations are limited to a single plant and, of course, some packages of take home coffee on a small shelf across from the coffee bar.

Artificer isn't the kind of cafe you go to for a business meeting or a catch up with an old friend, rather it serves the purpose of taking your mind away from everyday life and living in a caffeinated dream. Just don't forget to grab a loaf at Bourke Street Bakery on your way out.