Posted by Hamish Mackereth on 27-07-2015

Located on the corner of Greys Ave, Auckland’s newest espresso bar is certainly not as dull as the road suggests. Approaching its second month of business, passers-by are more than embracing this well needed breath of fresh air. From its vibrant yellow décor to stylish corner outlay, the finest Atomic shots are being pulled from its personalised Black Eagle machine as well batch brew and aeropress being served.

The face behind Elsie is the profound Ben Blair – owner of Molten Restaurant and Sub Rosa Café, matched with Sam Mctavish - a seasoned barista who has experience in both the Melbourne and French industry, as well as previously working at the beloved Good One store (which has just recently closed its doors).


Seen brewed is a Santa Felisa Pache Guatemalan courtesy of CoffeeLab - tasting notes of caramel, peach, white grapes and sweet tangerine, complimented with a juicy long finish. 

Open from 7am till 3pm, Monday to Friday, Elise is becoming a favourite among early morning commuters, as well as those on their lunch breaks enjoying the freshly delivered cabinet treats from Sub Rosa.


If you haven’t already, pop in, have a chat, and enjoy a brew.


48 Greys Ave,

Auckland CBD