Ninety Plus Cupping 2015

Posted by Kazimir Boskovic on 11-08-2015

Last night marked the Sydney leg of the Ninety Plus nation-wide cupping tour. Held at the roastery of Reformatory, the cupping table showcased seven of their 2015 crop coffees; Ethiopian Tchembe, Hachira, Nekisse and Kemgin, and Panama Lychello, Juliette and Perci. Prior to cupping, brand strategist Steve Holt presented a slideshow on the history of Ninety Plus as a company. It was very interesting to hear about the purchase of their first estate in Panama and how it has led the company to where it is today. Craig Simon (Australian distributor for Ninety Plus and an Australian Barista Champion) followed up Steve with a presentation of his own, talking about his unique experiences on the Ninety Plus farms and his desire to try and innovate new coffee processing techniques in order to create undiscovered flavour profiles. 

Thank you to Simon and the Reformatory team for hosting the event, and to Steve and Craig who shared their expansive knowledge so generously.