Tupelo Coffee Company

Posted by Kazimir Boskovic on 17-08-2015

Tupelo: a small town in Mississipi, which many may know as where the great Elvis Presley was born. This particular Tupelo, however, is aptly named after a ridiculously awesome song by Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds, which my mum happened to have often blasted throughout my childhood. I only learnt of this upon leaving, so regrettably didn't have the tremendous bass guitar beat pumping through my head while sipping my espresso. Not that this affected the experience too much. The blackboard behind the counter makes Tupelo's message clear: "Weapons Grade Coffee". And weapons grade it is, with owner Nic Walker having opted to source his beans from renowned Melbourne roasters Code Black. Our Ethiopian Gelana Abaya espressos were explosive from the start, with a huge body and peach notes developing into some pineapple in the finish. 


As Nick Cave would say: "The Beast it cometh, cometh down, Tupelo bound". The Beast is at Tupelo, so get down there for some of Canberra's best.