Day One Wrap: The Coffee Experience

Posted by Kazimir Boskovic on 03-09-2015

Day One of The Coffee Experience kicked off today at the Royal Hall of Industries in Moore Park, Sydney. Showcasing all kinds of businesses throughout the industry, the Experience gives a great insight for coffee drinkers and cafe owners (both prospective and current) to learn more about what they love. While we spent a while browsing the array of stalls, our main attention was turned to the competition area. In it today were expert baristas, plying their trade in the 2015 NSW/ACT Barista Championships.

Baristas from across the two states prepared an espresso, a cappuccino, and a chosen specialty drink for each of the four judges. Having prepared their routines for months beforehand, they're allowed to take up to fifteen minutes on the stage. While many points are awarded for the flavour profiles of the coffees they make, a large contingent is also given to overall presentation and little things like pouring water for the judges. 

Tomorrow sees other competitions happening including the Brewer's Cup, Cup Taster's, and also the beginning of the Coffee Chain Champs. Tickets are available at the door, so get on down to see the competition and taste plenty of delicious coffees in the multitude of stands.