Ritual By Standsure

Posted by Kazimir Boskovic on 05-09-2015

Too many days go by without us noticing them. Days we will never get back. One of the many problems with dream-walking through life is that, if our mind is not present in the moment, the mind is probably disappearing into itself. What I mean by this is, while in this constant day dream state, chances are high that we are fixating on something that has no bearing on the present moment. Chances are even higher, that the thing we are fixating on is negative, stressful, or at the very least annoying. I decided a couple years ago that I would make a conscious effort to be present in the moment with the main aim of lowering stress. Stress is bad for your health - literally. Something I discovered first hand.

The perfect way for me to be present in the moment and de-stress is through ritual. A constant ‘mind-check’ in my week that helped me to climb out of my head and be where I was. The best way to be present in the moment is to touch something, smell something, drink something. So, the perfect mindfulness ritual for me is to brew coffee.

Brewing coffee correctly engages all the senses making it the perfect tool for mindfulness and being present. I grind coffee by hand, then without fail - smell the freshly grounded coffee (I change the origin of coffee up week to week to keep things interesting). Then, using a chemex or gold filter depending on the amount of time I have, I pour water over fresh grounds. Again, smelling the coffee as it blooms. Once my coffee is brewed, I pour the coffee into a beautiful coffee cup. A cup that holds heat in, looks aesthetically pleasing to the eye, and that no one else in the house is to use! Last but not least - I drink my brew. This method takes around 8 minutes. Enough time to engage all my senses, lock my mind into where I am at that very moment, and pull it out from the mire of the stressful. A circuit breaker for the stressed mind.

Find a ritual that works for you. Break the negative fixation and be where you are.


This text originally appeared on https://www.standsureco.com, a premium men’s clothing and lifestyle brand. 21 June 2015.