Hong Kong: Artisan Cafe

Posted by Kazimir Boskovic on 23-09-2015

Arriving in Hong Kong, I was fairly optomistic on the chances of finding a good brew. Being such an international hub of activity, surely a specialty coffee scene had snuck into the city somewhere. The drive from the airport to our hotel wasn't showing too much promise. Neither was the climate, with humidity making sure my clothes all had a nice, wet, air tight seal onto my skin. It took about an hour of body eagle-spread underneath the air conditioner in my room before summing up the will to march back out into the concrete jungle in search of a nice cuppa. 

Coming from Australia, the epitome of low density population, Hong Kong provides quite the shock. It's fair to say that about 50% of structures are 30 storey apartment buildings, so keeping an eye on street level is hard when there's so much action going on above you. Luckily just around the corner from my hotel I spied an all too familiar La Marzocco Linea resting in a store window. Not getting my hopes up too much, I peeked closer, and the signage of Artisan Cafe beckoned me inside. 

Although a small space (like many stores in Hong Kong), Artisan Cafe has just about everything. A full menu of filter coffees lit my eyes up, with pourovers, syphons, cold drips and plungers all available. I opted to share two Ethiopian V60s with a friend, one being a washed Kochere and the other a washed Baraka Buna. Both were absolutely delightful, with the Baraka Buna having a very clean, crisp mouthfeel and strong cherry notes. We'll definitely be back over the next couple of days to sample their other brews, so keep one eye out on our instagram feed to see what they've got on offer.