Bernardina, a new varietal

Posted by Mitchell Donaldson on 05-10-2015

It's definitely not everyday you get to experience a new coffee varietal. 'Bernardina' is a varietal that was discovered in Finca Los Bellotos, El Salvador. The owners originally thought these coffee trees were of gesha variety, due to similar characteristics in profile, but after getting them sent off to be tested, they came back as only a 71% match to the gesha DNA. It's named after the estate manager, Ruperto Bernardino Merche, and Proud Mary Coffee Roasters have secured the full harvest for 2015.

According to Proud Mary, Bernardina has no similarities with Cental and South American Arabica varietals, but is similar to other varietals in Ethiopia, specifically from the Agaro region.


Luckily for me, I had the chance to enjoy this exceptional coffee at Handcraft Specialty Coffee last week. Super floral, a very complex acidity, and lots of tropical fruits. Proud Mary is taking orders via their website.